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Hello there some of friends intro me into 

selling used panties & sexting and more

 can be a good income for someone young 

Like me Who has little time to work  

Haah 🧋so here i am !  Who knows

Mayb I'll make some ! 


So hi im li yun ,,,, just call me winnie yun 

Yun means cloud in Chinese 

Well well,,, kindly support me ya

short summaries of myself : 

ready to do it and arranged some

 time to work 

partime as i am studying in the mornings 

i would reply daily when, I am not asleep  


" Figure intro i am a 22 .F 

im petite sized with a C cuppy 

 155cm 48kg "

Singapore virtual roleplay sexting  

/sex text service 

sextext no pic $40  / 10 min

sextext no pic  $45 / 20 min

sextext with pic $55 / 15 min

sextext *with my picture $70   / 20 min 

sextext no pic  $55 / 30 min 

sextext *with my picture $80 / 30 min

monthly prime sextext service no pic  

roleplay sexting *

at your service *

10 time a month  $358

Sexy nude collections


4 sexy lewd photos :$58

  6 sexy lewd photos : $78  

8 sexy lewd photos :$98 

Price without sextexting ***

Video call services 


Wkday Afternoon 1 pm - 5 pm in between 

Wkday Night 9 pm - 12 pm in between 

Saturdays 12noon - 6 pm in between

10min - $58

15min - $70

Winnie Yun Yummy Used Panties ☁️ 

All single items will be box wrapped 

if spend over $100 per order 

FOC ziplock wrapped for no min spend.

Horny Used panties *24Hrs $55

Horny Heavily Used panties *72Hrs $75

Request to squirts , masb or  pee  + $10 . 

Shitting on and not wipe stain on panty +$20

Used Bra or Sport bra * 48hrs $60

Used Bra or Sport bra * 72hrs $70

Used Socks *24hours $45

Used Socks *48hours $55

Used Socks *72hours $65

Used Home Shorts * 48hrs $70

72 Hourly VIPP Set $199 ♡♡♡♡♡ 

 Horny Heavily Used 

Bra and Panties [3 days long ] +1 pic 

Double Bag + Sealed 

Arrange a Grab delivery for u 

3 items * 

Grab A Used Bra and Panties Set ☆☆☆☆☆

💕 With A teaser video   $238

72 hours  Horny Heavily Used 

Bra and Panties [3 days long ] +1 pic 

Double Bag + Sealed 

Arrange a Grab delivery for u 

4 Items *

72 Hourly ♤ VIP Deluxe Set 🔮  $155 

Horny Heavily Used Bra & Panties 

Via .Smartpac Box Sealing 

Registered Delivery in 2day  

5 Days 2 Items | Wish Bundle ☆☆☆

120 Hourly Worn Panty $118

Horny Heavily Used Panties +1 Photo 

Via .Smartpac Sealing 

Fast Registered Delivery in 2day 

Used Sock & Panties Set   $138 ☪️

One photo of me in it  ,

pretty box wrapped 

, Sealing the Horny Heavily 

Wet Used Panties u ordered 

Worn for 3 days long 

Trackable Smartpac Delivery Provided


Add a pussy teasing rub video

to cum to me  with the panties 

u purchased + $35

Add grinding on bed video to cum to me 

with the panty u buy + $35

Add * pees in a small bottle  +$40

Add * pees in a mini  bottle  +$30  

Add * pussy bath water (mini) +$30 

Add * pussy bath water 

(3mini bottle ) +$80 


Mailing Methods Available

+ $ 6 non registered mail 3 -5days 

+ $8 registered mail  2 average days *

+ $9  smartpac sealed box 2 average days 

spend $180 above for grab delivery 


 only in singapore

No Sex No dates Not doing Live removal No Friends w benefit meetups , Not doing meet pass panties 

No one help me to pass it 

As earnings r little, hard to employ people to pass my panties as girls like me will feel unsafe to meet a stranger 

Guess the perks of being ugly may be helpful ? Sometimes? maybe future after I turn ugly 10year later it will be safer for me to pass panties 😜 

Meetup will be never considered now sry 

First come first serve 

who first pay I will do with him

 first for online session 

Kik winnieyunsg


Not paid , or bots , salesman,

 block right away 

Kik to Pay for my service before texting

 me /calling at Skype or any sextexting

 service will be doing at Kik after payment

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