Candyuwu ♀️

   Candy's Info "Let me summary a short info or myself I am 21, Mysian, living in Singapore  for this period for around 2 year half. Will be here maybe few years before i find  a higher pay  as singapore pays abit low for  my education , after pay food cost and all  Its not much left  to feed my parents so now  work both & partime here  so i can at least  Have extra to feed myself  while looking  for another higher offer pay as money is  highly price in  Singapore but my studies is  mehhhh .... so still yet found  please help some of my works here  ^_^ My figure is 32D/32DD :49kg:34  : 158cm FULL - PRICE LISTED BELOW  Singapore Juicy Well Worn Used Panty  ðŸ· Selling to those who can splurge on my panty. Offer me a price that i desire and i will provide what you desire on the panties ,by staining ,squirt and more .accept offered price above $90. Fast delivery in 1- 2 days ▪︎Selling Pee , Bath water in a bottle [  NEW  ] ▪︎Used Socks offer me a price $ ▪︎Used Heels  offer a

Winnie Yun ♀️

     Winnie Yun's Info Hello there  some of friends intro me into  selling used panties & sexting and more  can be a  good income for someone young  Like  me  Who has little time to work    Haah 🧋so here i am !   Who knows Mayb  I'll make some !  ⚘️ So hi im li yun ,,,, just call me   winnie yun  Yun means cloud in Chinese  Well well,,, kindly support me ya short summaries of myself :  ready to do it and arranged some  time to work  partime as i am studying in the mornings  i would reply daily when, I am not asleep   🥰 " Figure intro i am a 22 .F  im petite sized with a C cuppy   155cm 48kg " Singapore  virtual roleplay sexting     / sex text service  sextext no pic $40  / 10 min sextext no pic  $45 / 20 min sextext with pic $55 / 15 min sextext *with my picture $70   / 20 min   sextext no pic  $55 / 30 min  sextext *with my picture $80 / 30 min monthly prime  sextext service no pic   roleplay sexting * at your service * 10 time a month  $358 Sexy nude  collecti

Jazlynn ♀️

      Jazlynn's Info   ♡ INTRODUCTION ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ - Local Discreet Chinese  - Sext service and more   - Singaporean  - fully vaccinated  - figure C - slim - 36 - age between  22 25   Cafe , Movie dates , to Mingle ♡ my price does not include   food , dates, expenses during meet ups   nothing sexual please  Company for dating 250 - 2H Company for dating 300 - 3H Half day date to museum,sentosa chill  or shopping movie cafe hopping etc  bring u around ! 550 - 5H Buy My Used Panties ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 1 Day stained used panties by mail $95 2 Day wet stained panty by mail $105 3 Days super  wet panty by mail $115 1 Day used sport bra by mail  $75 2 Day used sport bra by mail  $85  3 Day used sport bra by mail $95 1 Piece of old daily used bra  $105 other additional on : 1 squirt bottle $40 other additional on : 1 pee bottle $40 additional on :medium size pee bottle $60 Price includes mailing and mailproof    Set 1 -----------------------------  [ $ 288 ] +  1 Additional Box given +  3 Day Used pa

Smileynn ♀️

         Smileynn's Info Hiii BB  I'm SMILEYNN !  A busty Chinese local with 62k  supporters with frequently posted reviews left for me posted in blog My Name Has also rank high in the first page  of google Type : smileynn sg  and you will see me ^^ Im 23 year this year, with a busty 34c , big firm boob  many loves it alot^^ So I decided to show and also earn some bits  for my living expenses and support my parents Show some love to me  !   Smileynn Online Service  Sexy photos  3 sexy photos for $55 5 sexy photos for $75 GFE Chat Girlfriend experiences Texting from 12 nn - 10pm  $80 a day  Texting 12 nn -12 pm $90 a day  Sext Chat 5min $55 10min $60 Video calls 05min $60 10min $70 15min $75 Special items ◇ Used Socks worn for a day $50 Used Socks worn for 2 days $55 Used Socks worn for 3 days $60 Black / White Used leggings $50 Panties Add on Pees in bottle $50 Bathing water $50  Includes bubble wrapping for fragile items Xmm sweaty home shorts $60. Xmm sweaty fbt shorts $75. X

Tingxs ♀️

        Tingxs 's Info Hi there 你好 im  ting  24 yr old  a malaysian but current in singapore  living in single room so decide to do some work  part time online .  not sure how much i would earn as a side but wish its really good !  i have verified myself in my kik   display u may go & check it and text me in kik when you want it . No further free pic will be given if  u  demand  as i had provided for goodness No faces X shown as i need my face to face people outside the world My pricing Tingxs used panty    strong stained smelly panties : $70(2day) wet juicy used panties :$80(3day) used sport bra for 2 day : $70 used sport bra for 3 day : $80 used sport bra for 3 day and sport bra photo of me wearing on it : $95 Juicy Combo Set $100  One 3 day juicy used panties and 1 box  And  1 photo and include mailing fees Juicy BB Set $148 ☆ One 3 day juicy used panties and 1 box And 1 self touching video in that panties you buy  with fast  delivery provided Sealed with ziplock bag for sea

Vannysohyh ♀️

              Vannysohyh's Info  Hellllo again ~~~  glad u found me i m working in singapore on some days  Had lots of ratings from my sincere customers  all the while ! with their Bank Censored Payment provided for u  and also ~ Afew Simple Verification Has Been Done  beforehand At locanto photos !   little introduction ★ i m a 23 young young malaysian but currently living in singapore need some money to go on  , so i will be having some fun with you on depending  on my ongoing schedule  i would try to reply u fast if u are sincere and questions asked relevant to my content  i am  slight tan to a fair skin , big eyes big boobs with a 36c :waist : 25 hip :36 will be selling my own personal things to earn some  Come over today to do it tgt 帮帮我 喔 If you need sextext services ] Do not need to be shy ,  Many uni guy schooling, business man and office worker come for it to release anywhere at home ,office ,breaktimes ,w/o hassle to meet . 🔞XOXO  Lets do sext text session  :  to  cum tg

Melody ♀️

  Melody 's Info  Melody born raised in sg   21 F.emale  just needy and needy  for  both    Chinese  Mix 💋  Currently selling   - Bra size 32C  -  Height 155 cm  Kik me melodytzy Donation for me Donation for wearing sexy out : p $60 Donation so i can go for an Outing shopping  spree  $100 Donation so i can pamper myself a bra $60   Donation so i get a day off my work $88 Donation so i get to feed myself  $50  🦭  Paid dating services  [ 2 hr meetup $180 ] [ 3 hr meetup  $200 ] Preferably Malay, eurasian,japan guys   so I won't meet my friend of the same races Or encounter my relative or close friends   Book in advance $50 deposit is a must  For 2hr . 3hr meetup deposit $70  If no Paid-Dating u can choose other As usual Full Payment before beginning  of all services   2 Custom Photo Plus  3 Photo  [ $68 ] Trial price for 1stimer  3 piece of my sexy photos $48 ( usual $60 ) 6 piece of my sexy photos $78 ( usual $120 ) 2 Armpits /mix /legs/ feets photo $28 3 Armpits /mix /legs/ f

Yannie ♀️

      Yannie's Info I am a Chinese student based in SG  now  I be able to  squeeze some  time now to  work .  its has been so long  and i Finally  created a blog for my panty business I have been working for a long time .  Please come for me if possible ,  I had almost 80 ratings ++ in my telegram  And refresh ratings every time  Do come and help me out if you're able . In locanto , the fake yannie in locanto is not   mine , he is trying  to use my name as trust  so it's  common people faking my name &  details as I have work for a long time .  Sex - texting  service would help  u release in   your comfy home  or office breaktime.  (----) No meet-up  is needed  Will be Safe for both side u & me   Verification in blog  "A Simple monthly verifying  with name , date  and year  has been done written in my picture " as an extras verify- ing purpose for u . Sextexting session in singapore Texting session available for those Who need accompany when you are bored