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A busty Chinese local
with 61k  supporters with frequently posted reviews left for me posted in blog
My Name Has also rank high in the first page of google
Type : smileynn sg  and you will see me ^^

Im 23 year this year, with a busty
34c , big firm boob  many loves it alot^^
So I decided to show and also earn some bits for my living expenses and support my parents
Show some love to me  !  

Safe Online Service 

(All Content  w/o face (*New  choice added for 
those who want longer time )

$50 text accompany 20min 
$50 sexting 20min no picture 
$60 sexting 20min with photo of me
$70 sexting 30min with photo of me 
$85 sexting 40min with photo of me

New price added 
$90 Sexting 30min nudes with sassy moan audio

GFE Chat
Girlfriend experiences 
Texting from 12 nn - 10pm  $80 a day 
Texting 12 nn -12 pm $90 a day 


Live video that i am doing ◇

$60 stripping from my clothes 
$60 stripping from my uniform
$60 sport wear stripping
$90 stripping and spanking of butt
$90 stripping and butt shaking tease

Video Calls  / Skype Calls
10min $60
15min $70
20min $75

Skype Phone calls / Or Audio Clip ( moans only ) 
Turning you on while ya alone
5min   $45
10min $50

Custom at other pricing you can let me know 
Will see if I can do it for you ,up till an extend 
Prices will be charged differently
and according to if i"m okay to do it 

Special items ◇
Used Socks worn for a day $50
Used Socks worn for 2 days $55
Used Socks worn for 3 days $60
Black / White Used leggings $50
Panties Add on Pees in bottle $50
Bathing water $50 
Includes bubble wrapping for fragile items
Xmm sweaty home shorts $60.
Xmm sweaty fbt shorts $75.
Xmm sweaty sport bra  $60.
 Sexy used bra $70.
Worn lingerie dress $70.
Clothing are With Sweat & Smells 

Smileynn Singapore Used Panty 

 One smelly panty 
Worn panties for 1 day at $60.

Mmm  panty
Worn panty for 2 days squirting wet with smells 
at $70.

Extra Mad , Extra Wet Panty 
Worn for 3 days squirting wet panty with strong 
smells at $75.

Dirty Dirty Lover 
Heavily stained panty , Dirty smelly panty
Longer Wears*
worn for 80 hours squirting masterbating
throughout the kinki days 
i wear it at $90

super strong


* caution *

*not for the weak heart  *

Privilege To Add On For 
Panty Buyers  

Your So lucky ^^


Normal photo

Picture of me wearing the panty +$10.

Showing my Peachy butt 

Picture of me wearing the panty +$20

you own it with your name ! 

    VIP Supreme Set 👑     

1 Panties + 1 video ( set ) +1 Box secured wrap+ 1 Seal wrap+ 1 Singpost Speedy Delivery with tracking number 

Description :
With 1 used panties  + 1 video of myself rubbing on the panty you bought +box wrap +sealing of panties scent remain freshly scent within the sealed bag

[ $149 ]

Worn for 3 Days wearing it
A pair of Extra mad ,Extra wet panty 


Delivery Fees

Strictly Mailing methods 

Singpost Poly M Mail $6
Singpost Registered/ SmartPac $8
Smartpac box Trackable Deliveries  $10
Speedy Post Delivery Pretty Inner box $15 
Next Day Delivery
Normal stamp mailing $3
Shipping to malaysia with tracking $12 
Smells for u to imagine and 🤫

kik nn08963 me
i have no telegram as it is use for my work and 
contacting my real friends , and family member


If u like u can give some me tips too 
Thank in advance !

------------- Attention-------------

No meetup ,no offline services ,no sexual ,no pass and go panties

 Any asking about sex ,fj ,bj,  get blocked,  ask meetup live removal panties  gets directly blocks from my side as its really annoying getting those thank you 

Any fake account will be block in 30min , if after i sent details u needed Or enquiry u needed But yet no clear replies or 0 answer .

Sorry i dislike waiting to hope you are real, i will skip next and block. being kind is both sided respect. IF your sexual request is different from what as mention in price or not what i like i will block to skip no other explanation needed 

Message will all be totally discreet deleted after ended .message will all be totally discreet deleted after ended all sexting, and online related services

Only :
Sexting Sex Online , Sexy Photo, Live video
Or Buy My Used Panty, Used Panties , Bra , Used Socks, Selling my Bathe water, Used Home Shorts & Sleeping Dress .

Satisfied Customer Reviews in (Blog)
Regularly update with 61k supporters 

Kik nn08963

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