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Tingxs 's Info

Hi there 你好 im  ting  24 yr old 

a malaysian but current in singapore 

living in single room so decide to do

some work  part time online . 

not sure how much i would

earn as a side but wish its really good ! 

i have verified myself in my kik
display u may go & check it and text me in

kik when you want it .

No further free pic will be given if 

u  demand as i had provided for goodness

No faces X shown as i need my face to face people outside the world

My pricing

Sexy nudes 4 for $65

Custom nudes and bra pic  4 photo for $75

Tingxs used panty  

strong stained smelly panties : $70(2day)

wet juicy used panties :$80(3day)
used sport bra for 2 day : $70
used sport bra for 3 day : $80
used sport bra for 3 day and sport bra photo
of me wearing on it : $95

Juicy Combo Set $100 
One 3 day juicy used panties and 1 box 
And  1 photo and include mailing fees

Juicy BB Set $148 ☆
One 3 day juicy used panties and 1 box
And 1 self touching video in that panties you buy with fast delivery provided Sealed with ziplock bag for sealing the smells within 

Sexy Used Bra & Panty Set $188 
One hard box discreetly sealed for u !
1 used bra 
1 used panty for 3 days 
1 photo of me in bra 
1 photo in  panties Also Includes Free Speedpost mailing receiving within ONE day , after posting out .
( Trackable postage ) 
Items Sealed with ziplock is a must

postage normal mailing $3  
singapore singpost m mail $6  
registered smartpac  $10  2 days 
singapore speedpost 1 day delivery $18
meetup none all panties and all by mail*  

Dirty sex texting : no image

10minutes ; $35 
30minutes ; $55

Dirty sex  texting plus  nudity picture
to make you want to cum : 

10minutes  ; $45
15minutes  ; $55
30minutes  ; $65 

sexting addon or ala carte purchase  
2 nudes for ; $55 4 nudes for  $65

Video skype phone call  VC

sexy looking in nothing on ;$60
panties rubbing play ; $50 
pussy, rubbing, masturbating & then squirting on bed alone  $70 

strip and self pleasuring ; $90

Premade video by me  3 x a week 

Sexy strip ; $50
sexy strip till nothing on  ;$60  
banana play on boobs ; $60
panties rubbing play ; $50 

pussy rubbing, masturbating & then squirting on bed alone $70 

sexy strip and imagine sex with me doggy video with my butt moving to tempt you hard; $90 . 

Naughty stripping & squirt $125

Custom new video ,  newly made for u

stripping + squirt with ur name on paper done in the video $149

Total no meetup , no sex 

Further Contact at  kik : Tingxs96

During working time 12 -12 midnight

1: Let me know the time u like to do

2: which of the above for faster replies 

3: delay customer with too much

  will be block, 1 or 2 is okay .

Please do not contact for reason below : 

Do not text for sex ,

i prefer virtual sex pay and do
as i dont have to sell my body in real having problems and so on. sample of me at kik cover and profile photo. telling you again in cased u ask again Tq .


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