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hiiii i am krystal  pleasuring to see u here :3

im 23 this year  i m working outside

tight on my budget  so im here

Any good samaritans online ? 

and ya everything will be highly discreet , 

no  face shown

hopefullyyy to make more side income  as i just 

started out work and its harsh  .

u b able to enjoy yrself like me

meetups wont entertain unless i like your

support in  here  :3 let me please your day  💕

Sexting paid services virtually  :3 

Sexual Sex text, Dirty sex text services 

10min $30 basic sext text no pics 
20min $50 basic sext text no pics 

20min $55 with 2 pics   
30min$75 with 5 pics  :3 

Krystal Premium Sextexting °
20min  $60 with 2 pics &  moans
30min $80 with more nudes pics & moans

Krystal Gold Class ☆ Sexting  
20min $90  2 pics , moans , 1 vid clip 
20min $99  4 pics , moans , 1 vid clip

Live calling ,phone calling (  audios )
Talk bout anything !  💋 

10min $58
15min $68

Sexy | Live Skype | Sexy contents

A+) stripping off then squirting in the end $128

A)5min $50 boob teasing with sexy v top 
B)10min $60 full stripping
C)10min $60 Joi video tease

D)10min $60 banana boob tease
DD)15min $75 banana  boob tease having fun :3  

F)15min strip &  having private fun 
showing a butt tease  $88
G )Squirting release in the end $70
My Sexy Photos , Sexy boobs , legs , or butt 

3 for only =$50
4 for only =$60
8 for only =$118

Customised video from $90 - 120
other customs $ price vary 
socking leg tease $50
peeing on panties video $50
peeing and squirt  $70 
showering $70
two different attire for sexy strip   $120

Used Panty in Singapore |  Used Bras   💕

Colors avail  black , pink colored 
Blue used panty , red color used panty

Used Panties in singapore 

♡for used panty $70
♡for 3 days used panty $75
♡3days used panty and 1 pic wearing it  $85

Used Sport bra or a Used bras 

♡used bra $70
♡used bra worn for 3days $80
♡3day used sport bra and 1 pic wearing it $90

Used Bra and Panties+Singpost delivery  $160

♡shipping of item only takes 24H
♡receive item in 2 estimated *working days 
♡mailproof  will be provided to you after mail
♡both items will be worn for a total 3 day  
♡1 photo will be included for you

Used Bra and Panty+ Speedpost delivery $180  

♡shipping of item only takes 24H
♡receive item in A day 24H after mailing time
♡mailproof ,tracking will also be provided 
♡both items will be worn for a total 3 day  
♡1 photo will be included for you

Choosing of items ,bra ,used items 
may be allowed only after payment made .

For both of   our convenience ,  mail out 

proof will be  provided so you can 

be assured shopping with me   <3  < 3  < 3 

Deliveries will be mailed via singapore

singpost smartpac mailing method which

will takes about  2 days ,  Opt  for this 

Fast trackable Mailing At  $8  

or  a standard mailing  3-5 day  at   $3

Request to wear or exercise is possible 
panties  or bra requests are also  allowed ! 

If you like to do any of the above written

kik krystalchong99
Come Try me : 3 

working outside hence ,off days i m in ! 
holiday or some weekends wfh ,
yes maytext me anytime. 
working days i shall reply from 3pm onwards
Hit the buttons to text me ya . 
fake guys or cheapo pls  take note its all a paid services . u can pay to donate some tooo . if u not coming for it , Any act of delaying of my services 
when confirming , u will be blocked.
do not ask for sex video ,as i dont do it. immediately gets block
if u do text  about freebies or getting face content , 
or sex in real life  / friend with benefit request will also get u blocked  .Good times should be cherished  so i take note to who i'll reply to  .
thanks for making effort to read alllllllllll ! 

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