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Yannie's Info

I am a Chinese student based in SG 

now  I be able to  squeeze some  time now to 

work .  its has been so long  and i Finally 

created a blog for my panty business

I have been working for a long time . 

Please come for me if possible , 

I had almost 80 ratings ++ in my telegram 

And refresh ratings every time 

Do come and help me out if you're able .

In locanto , the fake yannie in locanto is not  

mine , he is trying  to use my name as trust 

so it's  common people faking my name & 

details as I have work for a long time . 

Sex - texting  service would help  u release in  

your comfy home  or office breaktime. 

(----) No meet-up  is needed 

Will be Safe for both side u & me 

 Verification in blog 

"A Simple monthly verifying 

with name , date  and year 

has been done written in my picture "

as an extras verify- ing purpose for u .

Sextexting session in singapore

Texting session available for those
Who need accompany when you are bored 
or feeling down , needing someone to text to

20min $55
30min $60

Sex texting session++ photos of me

20min $60
30min $65

Fetish video calls watching you jerk 
10min $58
15min $78

Video Calls To Jerk to (with voice )
10min $68
15min $88

Singapore Used Panty For Sales

Price include wearing staining and masturbate

Ala Clarte Menu --- Single Purchase 
Random Pick Panty worn for a day   $60
Random Pick Panty worn for 2 days $70
Used Panty worn for a day    $70
Used Panty worn for 2 days  $80
Pees  for sales $70  includes bubble wrap

Pee and Panty $138  a worn panty 📦
includes sealed ziplock wrapping placing 
the pee bottle & a box for the outer appearance
(Mailing fees included  --- for pee and panty set 
Smelly socks $50
Socks and Panty $118  worn for a day 
Smelly socks 3days wearing and a panty $138 
Smelly socks 3 days and a 3 days panty    $158
Free of charge Mailing fees included for this set *
Box are inclusive too .

For those who wants the best panty  $148 
Additional pretty boxing given inside 
when u unveil it discreet looking
on the outside plain package - ing
Used Panty worn for 3 days & a Teaser video 
of me in that panty .Price includes a singpost 
delivery & mailing proof upon delivery 
Mailing fees included X additional fees.

Delivery Methods (within singapore )

Singpost stamp mail 3 -5 day $5 
Singpost registered mail 2 days $8 
Smartpac delivery in box form 2 days $9
Speedpost delivers the next day $15
strictly by mail no meetups will be done

If u like to enjoy some online fun  I will be 

around for you ,  but  sadly  to those who  

dont  pays  disturb s would be block & refrained 

In another way  u can helps me out alil you

can text me IF you are serious im doing

my  online sexual services not  for 

long term as its  not a easy earning in this line .

Click my kik to make a purchase : 
Click my kik to buy used items  :
panties ,bra , squirt , pee bottles ,socks 

Telegram close  u may kik at yy00899

Payment Method 🌷
Paynow, paylah, ( my bestiee account ) 

Assurance and authenticity

I be waiting But don't make me wait too long !

In case u need assurance and authenticity

i Have a blog & bank screenshots ^~^

and ratings over the few years in blog ❣ 

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