Rules and Regulations

How can i contact a sugar and spice employee?

if you have any questions regarding ads,

or if you encounter problems

You may contact us by email to get in  

touch with our customer support.

They will reply to  your enquiries


regarding  business or cost 

of advertisement in our website .

How long does paid - advertising post last ?

Expired post will only  be taken down in a 

week or monthly,  depending on your type of 

purchase you made . Please pay the fees

within 2 days allowance after expiry, to 

avoid having your listing taken down ,

losing viewers and possible earnings .

We put in 100% hard work and responsibility 

in  marketing , reposting , editing  what

our users want, and make our website 

and  your business  flourish .

We will do the job to increase more viewers  

to our website.  For companionship like meetups,

We do not take responsibility for any meetups

or  conflicts if you do . We can't supervise 

24/7  for any virtual sex services or offline 

meetups.  365 sugar and spice is not involved 

in any transactions ,contracts  or arrangements 

that may  occur among users and  third 

party .  We are legally and solely responsible 

for the content of the  advertisement placed 

on 365 sugar and spice .  

Referring to our  advertising content

Not all girls are doing escort companionship, 

But prefer working online like sexting,

live cams , paid - calls , paid - texting , or even

selling their own used panties and lingeries

for some allowance . However , only a portion 

of the girls  have been doing outdoor

dating and providing escort companionship. 

We were created to encourage more jobs for 

people and have also foreseen the needs

of many who likes virtual sex pleasure ,certain 

fetish and demand for personal used items . 

Virtual sex keeps us physically safe 

while staying mentally healthy without direct 

intimacy. Virtual relationships are relatively 

stressfree as they do not require much 

effort and commitment from people. At a click

of a button one can connect with the other 

person to enjoy their best moment together .

Also , Do stay vigilant in any ways. If you 

choose to be engaging in meeting someone

for any outdoor activities by meeting,  you 

will have to take full responsibility for your 

choice and safety. Anything more will be 

solely dependent on your intimacy of your 

chosen companion.

All girls here are working independently.

We do not take any extra commission.

except for the posting and marketing .

Customers and workers can definitely 

choose  according  to your own  preference .

Do pick the ones you like before  contacting 

and dealing with them for online or offline 

services. If you came across one that is up to 

your liking. You can return to find the same 

person again  , It depends on you  .

Escorts are considered to be legal .

An escort is a companion , and the 

transaction is made for companionship .

You may choose to discuss further during the 

meetup . This is why escorts are legal. 

However , anyone of age below 18 is prohibited .

If there are any serious implications , 

Note that we will not hesitate to close down

the website. Stay safe and healthy in the

year of 2024. We wish you all the best !

Regards from, 

365 sugar and spice Team .

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