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"Let me summary a short info or myself

I am 21, Mysian, living in Singapore 

for this period for around 2 year half.

Will be here maybe few years before i find 

a higher pay  as singapore pays abit low for 

my education , after pay food cost and all 

Its not much left  to feed my parents so now 

work both & partime here  so i can at least 

Have extra to feed myself  while looking 

for another higher offer pay as money is 

highly price in  Singapore but my studies is 

mehhhh .... so still yet found 

please help some of my works here  ^_^

My figure is 32D/32DD :49kg:34  : 158cm


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"Working as side line

spending some time here with you

To serve u mentally"

If you like to pay for just text to support help 

me u can let me know ^_^

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