Melody ♀️

 Melody 's Info 

Melody born raised in sg  21 F.emale 

just needy and needy  for  both 

  Chinese Mix 💋

 Currently selling 

 - Bra size 32C 

-  Height 155 cm 

Kik me melodytzy

Donation for me

Donation for wearing sexy out : p $60

Donation so i can go for an Outing shopping 

spree  $100

Donation so i can pamper myself a bra $60
Donation so i get a day off my work $88

Donation so i get to feed myself  $50 


 Paid dating services 

[ 2 hr meetup $180 ]

[ 3 hr meetup  $200 ]

Preferably Malay, eurasian,japan guys 

 so I won't meet my friend of the same races

Or encounter my relative or close friends  

Book in advance $50 deposit is a must 

For 2hr . 3hr meetup deposit $70 

If no Paid-Dating u can choose other

As usual Full Payment before beginning 

of all services

 2 Custom Photo Plus  3 Photo  [ $68 ]

Trial price for 1stimer 

3 piece of my sexy photos $48 ( usual $60 )

6 piece of my sexy photos $78 ( usual $120 )

2 Armpits /mix /legs/ feets photo $28

3 Armpits /mix /legs/ feets photo $38

custom add on + $15 per pic

Panty with A Personal Pic 1+1  $120


3 day wet stained panties in a Free ziplock bag a customised PIC of me in the panty u own , delivers by singpost smartpac mail within 2 days

Happy ending  1+1+1 $160 

1 Piece of 3 days wet stained panties in 1 Free ziplock bag 1 VIDEO of me in the panty u own . price includes a fast delivers within  ONE day with tracking number 


 Super Shiook Bundle  1+1+1=  $155

for those who craves smelling me ...

Sport Bra & Homie Fbt Shorts 

1 Used Sport bra 

1 Used Shorts 

1 photo of me  in the sport bras 

Price Inclusive of free shipping within 2day


Add only +$15 for 1 day shipment  to 

( if you in a rush for items )  your doorsteps



Free box included spending 150 above

Items would be packed discreetly for uue <3 


Sexting discreet funs Together

10min $30 sex texting 

Sextext with sexy photos

 10 min - $ 35   OR   20 min  - $45 

Sextext with photos and nudity

 10 min - $ 45   OR   20 min  - $60


Skype sexting calls  $45 for 5 min 

Skype sexting calls  $55 for 10min

skype sexting sexual and moans $55 for 5 min

skype sexting sexual and moans $60 for 10min

skype striptease $60 for 10min 

skype squirting  for $75 


GFE chat message whole day 12-12

Like your real -life 

 girlfriend caring calling u baby

texting u to make ur day

Liten to ur problems , Have stress free life 

Feeling pampered 

8 - hrs $80  OR 10 - hr $90 per day 

( text only )

More informations: 

Online services that is done virtually ,

 like sexting sex to help u jerk off solo -ly but  With my helps after some donation given for my effort made

okay to live  calls ☑

and mainly selling used bra and panties in singapore to earn a living  and paid dating services as your little companion , so i really do hope u can support me (okay bbyss) 

Meetup are not available to collect panties  however all panties will be and by mail to your letterbox . mailing proof can be provided if u request  .

privacy would be  100% protected 

and safe with me ✔


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